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PROPERTY can represent one of your company’s biggest capital investments. Realizing even a small margin of additional efficiency or return on investment can have a significant impact on your bottom line. SEILPRO PROPERTY Management Software allows you to streamline all of your PROPERTY tracking, maintenance, renting out and management costs. It maximizes your bottom line to get more life out of your PROPERTY investments

  • Track owning and operating costs
  • Improve job cost and estimate accuracy
  • Optimize fleet deployment and usage
  • Calculate the fuel efficiency for comparison with the estimate
  • Track return on investment across all PROPERTY
  • Streamline preventive maintenance to get more operating life out of your fleet
  • Leasing out and billing for internal project as well as outside parties.

Your PROPERTY owning and operating costs are two very different functions, but both equally important to your bottom line. SEILPRO gives you the tools to manage all financial aspects of your heavy PROPERTY investment, including complete operating and ownership costs. As you deploy your fleet, assign these costs to the jobs where they belong, improving the accuracy of job costing and helping you create more precise estimates. By tying PROPERTY costs directly to your jobs in SEILPRO, you ensure inclusion of PROPERTY costs into your job cost estimates.

SEILPRO facilitates to load the depreciation costs to the relevant PROPERTY.

SEILPRO provides for the creation of contract for the internal projects as well as external projects so that it can record its revenue against each PROPERTY.

Once you can accurately track your PROPERTY costs, you may create benchmarks to show how much it costs to operate your fleet. Companies that can accurately benchmark their costs have the ability to better estimate true costs for their jobs, realize better managed jobs, and ultimately better profitability


Since you need different PROPERTY for your various jobs—and PROPERTY ages—knowing which to own versus rent, their various life cycles, and how to get the best use from each piece of PROPERTY is vital to your projects’ success. SEILPRO gives you the tools to identify all fleet management costs across classes of PROPERTY, individual machines, and parts and assemblies, helping avoid negative returns on your investment.

SEILPRO helps you stay in the PROPERTY management sweet spot by giving you the ability to combine the owning and operating costs of your PROPERTY to identify when a machine has outlived its useful life in your fleet and should be replaced. SEILPRO helps manage average-age usage and ROI of your fleet

SEILPRO simplifies fleet and employee resource management with Resource Scheduling. With Resource Scheduling, you can assign PROPERTY and personnel to job sites on a day to day basis. Resource Scheduling also lets you know who is available and assign them to haul PROPERTY to the job site.

Fuel cost becomes a huge cost of the running the PROPERTY. Cost control assume much importance and fuel consumption should be monitored to avoid fuel loss by way of over consumption because of poor maintenance or theft.


With SEILPRO, you can track an unlimited number of pieces of PROPERTY. Management is easier than ever, since you can store a description, make, model, serial number, photos, and more for each piece of PROPERTY. The custom fields provide the flexibility you need to store information unique to your array of PROPERTY. If using meter tracking, you can select from hours, miles, kilometers, revolutions, gallons, counts, copies, or define your own customized meter type for any piece of PROPERTY.

Each PROPERTY may be the combination many fixed assets like tractor and trailer. SEILPRO provides the facility to link the fixed assets to the PROPERTY.

SEILPRO features a user-friendly, tree-like structure, which allows you to categorize and quickly locate your PROPERTY.


SEILPRO gives you the power to streamline and control all aspects of your preventive maintenance:

Keep detailed history on all of your machines

Benchmark projected preventive maintenance costs among classes of machines

Alert operators and PROPERTY managers when preventive maintenance is due

SEILPRO makes it easy to see when a vehicle or piece of PROPERTY is due for service at all times.

SEILPRO provides a wide range of preventive maintenance services. You can track your preventive maintenance by date, mileage, hours, or kilometers.

Repair maintenance tracking is essential to your PROPERTY management. SEILPRO enables you to track and monitor trends in repair maintenance, so you can decide whether to keep or retire a piece of PROPERTY. As you schedule unexpected repairs, SEILPRO automatically notifies you when they are due.

Evaluating the maintenance history of your PROPERTY decreases downtime and outlines future financial requirements for the PROPERTY vital to your company. As you close work orders and record maintenance for your PROPERTY, SEILPRO maintains a detailed maintenance history. Each history record includes the fundamental date, meter reading, and description of work performed, as well as a detailed breakdown of the individual PM, repairs, labor, and parts involved. SEILPRO also stores itemized costs and taxes for each detail of your history entries.

A wealth of history reports enables you to generate detailed cost analyses, monitor trends in neglect and abuse, track aging PROPERTY, and establish the cost effectiveness of your PROPERTY within your company.

The service order system generates work orders based on the maintenance due for each piece of PROPERTY.

SEILPRO gives you more than just reports at your fingertips. From simple PROPERTY listing reports to detailed periodical cost analysis reports, everything you need is included. Many additional features are also included, such as employee and vendor databases, purchase orders, billing and program security.

  • Manage and track all work orders and inspections (planned or unplanned)
  • Easily report on PROPERTY repair history and open and upcoming work orders
  • Track maintenance costs
  • Associate critical parts and check inventory levels
  • Quick access to images, O&M manuals, contacts, warranty info and more
  • Record meter readings (run-time hours, mileage, etc.)
  • Transfer PROPERTY from project to project


PROPERTY, crew and transport

Keeps track of owned and sub-hired (cross rented) PROPERTY

Manage parts and heavy PROPERTY sales from purchase order through receiving, pricing, sales and service.

SEILPRO is easy to use by being intuitive. It has the most powerful billing, reservations, dispatch and transportation management features

SEILPRO provides creating contract for internal project as well as external projects for the engagement of the property.

The billing may be hourly, daily or monthly.

The billing item may be fixed or based on the kilometer run, time, and both time and quantity.

Revenue reorganization based on the financial period.

The price for each contract, PROPERTY may be provided from time to time.

Advance and deposit handling

Final bill generation

In case of cross rented assets like PROPERTY taken on lease from outsiders and used for own projects or subleased to the outsiders, it requires the lease taken agreement. And the payment to the lessor may be fixed and in some cases, it is based on the pay when paid basis. SEILPRO supports both the requirements.

The contract may be for single assets and for multiple assets. This facilitate one bill per customer irrespective of number of PROPERTY.