Hospital Management

Hospital/Clinics of all sizes, and across all Hospital industries, can achieve dramatic benefits through the implementation and use of our AX as Hospital Management Back office System. The hospital management back office software is aimed at simplifying day to day medical treatment related billing activities. There are numerous different layers in the hospital process pipeline and it requires different modules to govern them. 

Below are our features of our AX as Hospital Management Back office System:

  1. Financials Solutions : Modules are Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Multicurrency, Fixed Asset, Cash & Bank, Consolidated Accounts, Intercompany.
  2. Procurement : Procurement facilitates you Supplier Registration, Evaluation, Material Requisition, RFQ, Purchase Order Processing, Material Receipt Note and Invoicing.
  3. Sales & Operations : Seamlessly integrated with CRM with Quotation, Sales Order Processing, Sales Delivery Note Generation and Invoicing.
  4. Budgeting & Cost Control: Multiple Budget preparation by segment, budget control, Revising Budget and comparison with Actual. Control your cost with every action in your company operation to be a successful company.
  5. Warehouse & Logistics Management: Material In and Out Tracking, Warehouse bin tracking, Material Transfer, Receipt and Issue. Integrated with Mobile for inventory tracking. Track the Expiry date of medical equipment and Medicines. 
  6. Human Resources & Payroll(ISV) :  has variety of module to track employee details, time sheet management, Leave management, Shift/Schedule Planning, Payroll Processing, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, 360 degree evaluation, Crew/Staff Training….etc.
  7. Document Management System :  facilitates you to manage and control all your documents throughout your organization.
  8. Assets Management: Manage and Track all your Assets related to your organization, Track your Asset with moving between your sites and customers. Asset management consists of Asset Accounting, Leasing, Maintenance and Tracking. 
  9. Billing Solutions (TPM): To register the patient admission, maintenance of health record, in-patient and Out-patient classification, treatment history, consulting details, bed allotment and rental recording, medicines details, billing, claim from insurance company etc.
  10. MIS Reports:  To analyze revenue or Expenses or categories of Various Business Line or statistical information, various option available like Management Reporter, Power View, and BI Tools. 
  11. Integration with Front office: Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Integration Framework (AIF) enables companies to integrate and communicate with external business processes and partners through the exchange of XML over various transport media. AIF enables both business-to-business and application-to-application integration scenarios.