Our Solutions SEILPRO for Microsoft satisfy the unique challenges faced by Microsoft Dynamics customers – Quantity based activities. We offer you the ideal solution to leverage the complete power of Microsoft Dynamics AX Project module. We have developed our own useful solutions on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX  for these everyday challenges, solving cross-industry problems. Always based on our high quality standards and the benefits for you. SEILPRO is designed to help organizations operate more efficiently, increase productivity and improve financial and operational performance.

Expanding on our incredibly popular SEILPRO , this enhancement brings increased project estimation, billing and control functionality to contracting business like construction, catering, painting, engineering etc. Our high quality and cost-effective custom designed solutions help businesses around the world: increase revenue build loyalty reach new customers lower costs of production 

SEILPRO – is the product which facilitates the client to utilize the AX features with our enhanced features.

Standard AX provides the following features in the project management and accounting:

  • Work breakdown structure
  • Project quotation
  • Project purchases
  • Project transactions recording Hour, Item and expenses.
  • Project sales billing with advance and retention
  • Project budget control

All the above are activity based without any quantity terms.

SEILPRO to use these functionalities with quantity terms of the activity / job 

  • Defining jobs (Activity) and its resources
  • Defining resources capability for each job
  • Cost estimation with the modified quantity
  • As if analysis with different margin percentage
  • Copying jobs from template library to quotation / project
  • Sub-contract accounting.
  • Project forecasting to Master planning for procurement
  • Recording job completed (Measurement book) / job certified
  • Monitoring the project status for control